Would it be ok if I took your breath away?

If you know what song the title of this post is quoting, good for you because it's an amazing one!

Here we go again... one of these days...
It's another one of those days. I just have some things on my mind that I need to put somewhere. Lucky you! You get to listen to my rantings! If you are bored already, there is a big red X on the top right of the screen you can click and it will spare you :)

To be honest, I am just waiting for Late Night to come on. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. Like, major celebrity crush.

I'm not even really attracted to him, it's not all about looks you know, he is just adorable and hilarious.

....anyway. First thing's first, I am terrible at love games. I am way better at just wearing my heart on my sleeve. Maybe it's because I am all about honesty in relationships, I don't know. Anyway, I wish I could take Lady Gaga's advice and "play the love game"... but I fail. I have heard it said that "he who cares the least controls the relationship"... guess I'll never be in control because I always care the most.

This commercial is amazing,and it makes my night every time I see it!

In three days I will be watching Carrie Underwood


Also, General Conference this weekend. I LOVE General Conference. In institute we have been talking alot about modern day prophets (we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants) and I am just so thankful and excited to have the opportunity to hear the words of a modern day prophet. What a blessing!

This weekend my little brother is playing in the Homecoming football game. WOW. When did he grow up, and how so fast? Man, it makes me feel old!

I NEED a roadtrip :/

I have been thinking alot about change lately. Everything changes. Nothing stays same. Sometimes, I wish it did. People who were once your good friends, your very best friends, move on. It's just a fact of life, but sometimes... it's just hard.

I LOVE fall. I think spring and fall are my favorite seasons... no no no summer and winter are... oh I can't decide, I love them all! But fall... full of changing leaves, hoodies, football, all of it. It makes me so stinking happy inside!

I'll end there- on a good, happy note :)  I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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