It's not what it's made up to be...

I have been thinking a lot lately about this time in my life. Since graduation, I have made a few mistakes. I have done some things when I should have known better. I have changed my mind a million times. I have made the wrong choice a few times. I have failed at a few things. I have struggled with my identity. Who is this girl, Misty Dunny? Am I the girl who never misses institute? Am I the life of the party? Am I adventurous, spontaneous and a little rough around the edges? Am I quiet, shy, afraid of change?

I didn't know who I was. Am I the girl who gets the A's or the girl who does enough to get by? Sometimes I want to be the book worm and study all day. Sometimes I want to embrace this time and ditch class in exchange for a memory. Sometimes I want to be stylish, sometimes I want to be simple. Sometimes I want to be hard core, and sometimes I want to be a lady. Sometimes I want to wear my sweats to class, and sometimes I want to be all dressed up in my business suit.

So the question stands, who am I?

The truth is, I'm still finding out. I don't know. This is the time to try a little bit of everything and decide which fits you best. This is the time to make a mistake. This is the time to take a crazy chance. This is the time to run away, or test the waters. This is the time to change your mind.

I have realized that all of that the mistakes I have made, the wrongs I have chosen, the times I have changed my mind... those are the times that most distinctly define who I am. The times I have taken a chance, those are the times that have molded and shaped me in to me. Misty Dunny. Misty the business student. Misty the family home evening leader. Misty the girl who worked at Disney World. My experiences have made me... ME.

This is who I am.

I am a runner.

I am (almost!) a college graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing... and a history minor.

I am not afraid of change.
When I was 19 I moved to Italy. I knew only one other person on the entire continent. It didn't scare me a bit, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned to be independent. I learned to be confident. I met new people, some of whom changed my life. I had experiences I wouldn't change for the world. I learned how to travel, I learned to be understanding of culture, and people who are different than me. I learned to embrace diversity. I learned I can live without tv, walmart, a car. I learned I can be thousands of miles from home and trust myself to take care of myself. I learned you can be in the most beautiful country in the world, and still prefer to be home with those who mean the most to you. 

When I was 21, I moved to Orlando. This time, I knew nobody. I had never been east of El Paso, TX. I learned to trust in my Father in Heaven. I learned the importance of having the priesthood in your home. I learned to love children unconditionally. I learned you can't run away from your problems. I learned one person can change your life forever. I learned the importance of best friends.

I am 22 and single. And loving it.
I love white V-neck T-shirts.
I like Lady Gaga.
I can run a chain saw.
I love mexican food.
I love to fish.
I love to snowboard.
I am easily distracted.
I procrastinate (working on that).
I like to wear high heels.
I go shopping when I'm feeling down.
I cry watching sappy old movies I've seen hundreds of times.
I am proud to be an American. I am very patriotic.
I am a Republican.
I don't like to talk on the phone.
I love the gospel. I know I could never live without it.
I have high standards, and do my best to live by them. Sometimes I struggle.
I love people.
My family means more to me than anything else.

...I could go on forever, but the bottom line is that our experiences shape us. We should have no regrets in this life because everything we do teaches us something about who we are. If we make a mistake, we can learn from it. This time in your life isn't what it's made up to be, you have to make it that way.

Happy Weekend!

Ps. I'd like to add that if it weren't for my angel mother, none of these experiences would have been possible. I am so thankful for the blessing my parents are to me.