Do you want my head to explode?!

This is how I felt when I walked in to class to take my final this morning...
And this is how I felt when I walked out...
It feels GREAT to be done!!!! other news, tonight we are having a party! Woot woot, put my hands up they're playin' my song...

It's titled the BEST cinco de MISTY party because it's my birthday and my roommate Bridgette BEST is graduating from NAU tomorrow! It's going to be one mighty fine time!

I ONLY HAVE ONE SEMESTER LEFT OF COLLEGE. Are you kidding me?! Please be joking. Second semester of senior year, I never thought I'd actually get a chance to meet you, I'm not sure how well we will get along, but I do know I can't wait to get you over with!!

Brindi comes home tomorrow. B.E.S.T.B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.P.R.E.S.E.N.T.E.V.E.R.

Can I just toot my own horn and brag that I officially waited for a missionary?? I told her I'd wait, I don't think believed me and yet here I am, I'll be at the airport waiting still with open arms! Oh how I have missed that girl!! My best friend!! She is such a wonderful person and great example.

I start work back at the good ol' Forest Service on Monday... not excited :/

A whole summer of this! I can't be too mad though, as far as jobs go I am pretty blessed to have it!

I am feeling so blessed lately, I have so many wonderful people in my life who bring me happness every single day! I am so sad to leave my Flag buddies, they are everything I love about life!

This is one of the MANY pictures from Disneyland! I need to write about that...  I will soon!
Times with these kids are never borning...
From *Taco Tuesday* to *Energy Pong*
from *Study Parties* to *Movie nights*
from *Playing Candyland* to *Eating all the cupcakes we want without asking*
not to mention *Dinner at Cheba Hut* and *Cosmic Bowling*
from *Nights at the ice box* to *Cuddle Parties*
from *Painting Parties* to *Driving around the great Winslow outdoors* and *Sedona roadtrips*
....everyhing I do, I do with these kids!

Yurr ma bessss franss.

By the way, I love baseball...

My little brother is an allstar. He is the studliest kid I know, I am not even kidding. He is such a sweetheart. He had three RBI's in this game, way to go bud! Congrats on Region Champs!! I am going to the game tomorrow and I am soflippingexcited! Thanks to Dodee for coming with me last week and getting in the head's of those Joseph City tools (sorry, that wasn't nice, I just love the word tool. You can thank Jordan for that).

And I cried again today watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I am going to Marry Ty Pennington.

Also, I'd like to publicly thank my roommates for making my birthday rock! They got me the best gift ever...

It is amazing. If you haven't looked through a copy of one, please do. I have the first one, and I love it. The pictures are so amazing, so touching. Take a look...

Thank you roommates, I love you all! Also, thank you to Jordan my David! This girl rocks at life, she brought me some cake and a coke, what could be better?! Not to mention the sweetest card ever. Love her!

(I creepishly stole this picture from fb, I didn't have one of her!)

So that's it for me for now. It I get the time or motivation I may just do a Disney update! Until then, stay sweet. Over and out!



alvin said...

misty mae. you are too frickin cool. i love reading your blog! i wish i could write as good as you. maybe then i would actually blog more. anyway just wanted to let you know you are beautiful!
-Jessie Pease

Steven said...

OH Mistis. I love you. And I'm not supposed to because you're a Mogollon Mustang, but I can't help it!

When I come back to Arizona, let's have a party. Or should I say, a "perty" in the "perk"?

Shut up, I love that fireman's gear on you.