Hey Soul Sista!

I needa be studying... which I am, I really am. I am actually at the library for the first time in forever. I forgot how much I like the library, makes me feel... like a grown up college student I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to jot down a few things right quick.

A. I love my roommates! So much. I am so sad to leave them for the summer (this would include Becks, Sen,  Bridge AND Ty, the 5th roommate). If any of you ever read this (Becks I think you do once in a while) then know that I love you and will miss you!! I will miss our dinners together and our living room sleep overs. I will miss lifetime movies and talking all day and night about boys and how we can't hate them even when we wanna. In our house we eat all the cupcakes we want without asking :)
2. I'm not excited to be back on engine 21 this time next week.
III. Finals week is just plain mean.
IV. I made the decision that I am going to be patient, and just wait this thing out. If it works out, it will be SO tote worth it.
5. I am so excited to start my Imogene training next Monday!
B. I need a Coke.
Lastly, I am really going to start updating this thing on real life events here soon, not just always posting the random thoughts bouncing around my weirdo random brain.

Ok, that's all. Back to reviewing what I have learned about the Cash Conversion Cycle and Net Operating Working Capital...

In the words of the Beatles, here comes the sun do-undodo!

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camilkington said...

umm i loves your use of letters, arabic numbers, and roman numerals to demonstrate how sucky and completely ridiculously it is to believe that your brain can function after that much studying.