Dear Blog

Dear blog:

Please forgive me for being such a horrible friend and not keeping you updated like I should.

I am sorry to leave you feeling so neglected, it's nothing personal, I am just so busy! What with fire season and race training, not to mention family and friend visiting and softball... I am simply left with no time! I hope you can understand and are be willing to be patient with me.

I have been wondering a few things lately. First, why is it so hard to lose weight?! I run and run and train and train and yet nothing, no change. I have tried adjusting my eating habits, it seems to not help. I am running out of options here... Hopefully sticking to it will show some results and soon!

Also, why are boys the way that they are? They tell me that I am the kind of girl every lds guy wants to be with, and yet they don't want to date me. Funny and ironic how that works. It's alright, I've decided I don't need thm anyway.

Random shout out to my missionary bud Skip, thanks for being patient with me kid. Keep working hard, only 6 months to go!

Ummm what do I do after graduation, blog? I have only until December to decide. It would be nice of you to just choose for me. There is always grad school, getting a job, taking on a nanny job in London like I have always dreamed about, moving to New York to work on Wall Street, and joining the Peace Corps. Maybe I'll just run away for a while like I have always wanted to do. I could go live with the Aborigines or run with the bulls. Just choose something and get back to me, thanks.

Please help me to be more patient, kind, and loving like my Savior. Please help me to convert my weaknesses to strengths, and to learn to always speak kindly. Please help to me to always remember how blessed I am to have a job. Please, blog, give me the strength to run in the morning even though my body is wore out. Please use your magical powers to help me find time for sleep. And blog, please help me to find some time to clean my also neglected bedroom. If you really want you can even let me fight a few more fires and make some good money. Please keep me safe on the fire line and please help me to find my self-confidence. Help me, blog, to ban my insecurities and always be myself. Help me to live in the moment and always take chances. Please have faith in me, I promise to visit you more consistantly.

Love, peace, and chicken grease always,
Misty Mae

Ps. Let the wild rumpus start! (What movie?!)

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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

It happens to the best of us...
Don't sweat it.